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Home Stay and Day Care

Situated on 3 Acres, Louise's Pet Grooming is now able to offer the ultimate home stay holiday for your beautiful Fur Baby


Our Home is their Home

What's Included?

Time for FUN!

From three nights to many, your dog will have the run of the house and beautiful fully fenced yard.  Comfort and safety are of utmost importance while you are away on holidays.

Billie and Beaudie will keep them company as well as myself. You choose where they sleep.  From their own room to sharing the lounge area with Beaudie or in the bedroom with us.

All food will need to be provided by owner as I feel a lot of dogs are picky and used to their normal food.  If there are no food allergies, treats are provided, Warm and comfortable bedding. Of course fresh water.  Dogs who stay a minimum of 3 nights receive a heated hydrobath, nail clip, fluff dry and cologne so they are fresh and beautiful ready for your return.

Dogs must be suitable for a Home Stay, unfortunatly I can only host small-medium sized dogs who must be fully toilet trained. Entire Males will not be suitable.

All dogs get to come and play and be social with other dogs during the day at the Grooming Parlour. Heated or Air Conditioned depending on the season, your baby will have a great time with plenty of room to run.

After 3pm, if they still want more activity, its time for a walk around the property.

If you would like to make a booking or check availability, call me today - 

0421 111 036

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